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Oversized cargo consists of such cargo, which dimensions higher than normal. For example, if the weight of cargo - 35 tons and above, this load can already be considered oversized (it's already heavy load). When transporting oversized cargo, an additional danger, but because such transportation require close attention. It is worth noting that the oversized loads may have to increase the size both in length and width. If the load height is more than 4 meters, such goods must be carried by means of oversized shipments.

Specificity of oversized shipmentsTransportation of oversized cargoes can cause a lot of problems if it is taken for non-professionals. After all, freight custom sizes calls for a responsible approach to the organization of which are unacceptable errors.

Transportation of oversized carries a certain number of difficulties:

Documents. First of all, before carrying out the transportation of goods of non-standard dimensions required to perform a number of preparatory procedures. For example, transportation trawl - a separate specific kind of transportation, which requires not only the usual set of documents, but also additional permission. Often, making all necessary documents for transportation of oversize take a substantial period of time and carries a lot of nuances and complexities. Therefore, in order to get all the permits for oversized freight fast and worry-free, leave all the work of a professional company. Thanks to the rich experience and professional knowledge in the field of transportation, our experts are saving your time permits. But, nevertheless, it is worth remembering that the design documents for the implementation of oversized transportation takes a lot of time, even with the professional work of specialists.

Route. The exact route development - another important point in the implementation of oversized shipments. Again, to understand this point without the help of professionals themselves very difficult. After oversize transportation route designed by a professional will help you maximize your time and save the most safe to transport. This is very important because the oversized cargo, as a rule, is large and great value compared to standard goods, and therefore the material losses such damage is much higher.

Transport. As a rule, freight custom sizes requires the use of special equipment particularly reliable. Most often used Lowboy. Our company has a high-quality transport to carry out any oversized transport. We cooperate with the leading manufacturers of transport that provide technology, have excellent performance and high reliability.

Documents required for oversized transport

So, let's define what documents are required for transportation of oversized cargo.

All documents on the car.

Permit for transportation of oversize.

Driver's license.

Identity documents. It is desirable to have health insurance.The power of attorney to receive the cargo in the event that the owner does not own the cargo is sent.License card.Waybill.Harmonization of conditions of transportation of oversized cargo and route structures such as traffic police, police department, the Ministry of Interior.Customs documents (in international transport).If the transportation of oversized cargo is commercial in nature, is also required:Commercial invoice.Insurance for the goods.Waybill.It is worth noting that if freight is carried out in private, ie, you will not profit from transportation and not a legal entity, in this case, you do not need licensing.Special equipment for the transportation of oversized cargoFor goods of non-standard sizes is necessary to use special equipment, as is most often used Low Loader (car with low loader). Only this transport is able to keep your load all the way through in one piece. Low Loader - cars cargo type. But instead of the body in these cars low loader, with a height of 0.5-1 m. Thanks to this design does not limit the size of oversize cargo during transportation. Therefore, using the Low Loader often carry various tanks, agricultural machinery, etc. We have a large fleet of vehicles for transportation of goods Low Loader custom sizes. All our cars completely correspond to European standards, have radio and acts as drivers experienced qualified staff.Long-distance transportation of oversizedLong-distance transportation of oversized also require a number of customs documents. They also carried out with the help of reliable low-bed trailers of our company who are able to withstand even the farthest distance. For long-distance transport of oversized type we will carry cargo insurance. Throughout the route, our logistics tracking the movement of cargo. In the event of an emergency situation, our specialists to quickly change the route.Long-distance transportation of bulky goods require support by means of special vehicles. In this case, we use the brand of its own fleet of machines, where the freight forwarders and plotters route. The necessity of this is caused by the fact that at times in the shipping process is necessary to clear the driveway or impose crossing.Our company is always happy to provide you with all services in transportation of oversized cargo from detailed legal advice, the development of the route and ending immediately shipment.

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